Monday, June 15, 2015

Chocolate Stew and other well known words

     Many of you know I own my own business. Let me tell you, I have the best boss in the world! As CEO, I decided to call a meeting with all my employees (and by the way, I am the sole employee), and in this meeting I, the CEO, decided to allow the employees (that’s me), to listen to podcasts while they work. Being the only employee, I thanked the CEO (which was me) and I have been enjoying my podcasts ever since.

     I found this podcast called The Christian Car Guy and thought that sounded like a very unusual and intriguing name for any program. It’s talk about cars and Christianity at the same time, sort of like adding chocolate sauce to beef stew. Some of you are thinking chocolate tastes good on anything, and I’m just crazy enough to agree with you, but you’ve got to admit, chocolate stew is pretty unusual, and so is this podcast.  It’s actually a call-in radio show that airs somewhere else and the recording has been turned into a podcast, so you can’t call in but it does make interesting listening.

     In a recent show, the host Warren Winch told the story of his conversion. Apparently someone shared with him the Bible verse John 3:16. This verse says, for God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son that whosoever *believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. When Winch heard this message of love and hope, he thought it couldn’t apply to him. He thought he was too far gone and no one could help him now. He thought he’d been such a bad person, he was beyond hope. His friend, however, pointed out the one little word, whosoever. That word means whoever, meaning anyone. So anyone who believes that Jesus, being the Son of God came to overrule the sins of the world, can be saved. Anyone.

     Winch turned to Jesus, accepted his gift of freedom from his sinful life, and now lives free from guilt, living a powerful life in His name on the Christian Car Guy.

     If you think about it, Paul committed several murders and yet God forgave him and used him to start a worldwide ministry and write several books of the Bible, even after all he had done. Now that’s another interesting combination: a murderer writing parts of the Bible. Chocolate stew. Warren Winch was no murderer. He just got caught up in a high position of a church that didn't teach the love of God.

     Like many people, I was raised in the church with John 3: 16 and several others floating around in the air as I grew up and today, I’ve heard them so much I tend to forget the real impact of the words. I take them for granted. Someone who is new to Christianity though, is profoundly smacked with the power of those words. It’s all new to them and life changing. Let’s not ever forget the power of God’s Word. Every word. Each small word. We don’t know which small word will mean so much to someone, it will change their life. After all, one spoonful of chocolate sauce can make a big difference to beef stew.

     I recommend you listen to The Christian Car Guy if you have a chance. And if you’re not happy with your boss, I highly recommend you start your own business. The boss is always excellent.

* I memorized most of the Bible verses I know today as a child, and in those days, everyone always used the King James Version. Yeah, I'm ancient. So now when I recite a verse, I use words like believeth, loveth, upeth, downeth, (just made up the last two actually), and thee and thou. It's the way they fall out of my head now because that's the way they were pounded in when I memorized them. You may have learned John 3:16 from a different version.


Mary Haskett said...

Me too. All I have memorized is from the King James version. I enjoyed your blog

Melanie Fischer said...

Excellent post Sheri! The message in here spoke volumes to me, thank you.

p.s. I think I am going to start putting chocolate sauce in my stew now...great idea!!

Sheri Hathaway said...

Thanks, Melanie. Glad you enjoyed it. Let me know how the chocolate stew was received! :)