Monday, February 24, 2014

Four Rules of Life to Succeed

      If you remember these four steps, you will succeed. They are simple and it’s really quite amazing how such simple steps can help you reach success, whatever you do.

      There are four lessons for life everyone must remember:

  1. Google your name occasionally. You may learn some surprising results about yourself that you previously didn’t know. Everyone needs to find out everything they can about themselves. Sometimes the Internet knows more than you do. By Googling my name, I learned that I had been published on an online newspaper and not been told. You may learn other surprises about yourself, whether or not a writer.
  2.  Ask advice of those more experienced than you. It will pay off big time. Goes without saying. Be humble and be polite. Say thank you.
  3. Be kind to receptionists. They will be your friend and help you out in times of need. Never think you are more important than anyone in the service industry. They are your helpers, no matter what your situation.
  4. Persevere. No, you’re not crazy and you’re not imagining things. Just keep trying until you get a definite end result.

      David didn’t live with Google, but he had friends. No doubt they told him what others were saying about him. As he lived in court, as he survived in the caves and alongside the dangerous Philistines, I believe he frequently asked advice of those who attached themselves to him. And although it was not usually practiced during his day, he did show friendship to those below his own standing. Persevere? Well, if you know his story, you know he had to cling to this philosophy all his life. His story teaches us how to survive our life.


Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Good reminders, Sheri.

I found out when I Googled my name, there are more than one of me in this world with the same name first and surname.

So it becomes more important to create an author name that is uniquely mine.

For example, using one's middle name, initial or a maiden or family name to more easily identify you and your writings from others.

Melanie Fischer said...

Fabulous post! I truly enjoyed reading this. I couldn't agree with you more about asking advice of those more experienced than us...there is a reason why we are cautioned not to re-invent the wheel :)

Sheri Hathaway said...

Brenda, I also found there were others with the same first and last name. You bring up a good point about creating an author name. Thank you both for your comments.

Sharon Espeseth said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, Sheri, and it's good to know you are still "trucking along" with your David story.

To the rest of you, I too realize there's more than one of me, so to speak. I guess even if I have a fair amount published with my first and last name, I may have to start sticking that E for Eileen in there.

Thanks for the reminder!